You want to join us ?

Many thanks for your interest in the FAGUO adventure.
Hiring is not an easy business and we wish the experience to be rewarding for you as for us.

You can find all our current offers on Welcometothejungle

  • To apply for a job offer or to do a speculative application, please use the following process. Here are some advices to hit the nail on the head :
    • We ask you to send us a cover letter and a complete resume.
    • This letter musn’t be over one page and it has to answer to the following subjects :
      • Why do you apply for this job, and why in FAGUO’s place ?
      • Any experience linked with the job that you would like to tell us ?
      • Fashion, sustainable development, social networks : what mostly motivates you and why ?
      • What would be your contribution for FAGUO ?
    • Once you are ready, send us your application on Welcometothejungle in the spontaneous application part with the following subject : ” This is a match + name of the job “
    • Within the email, sum up your personality and your motivation to join us, in five lines. Please attach your resume and your cover letter, and any crazy idea that you think could seduce us… !
    • All you documents must be in pdf. format