Oddly enough, the more you take care of your clothes, the longer they last. And longer lasting apparel, means you do not need to buy new ones all the time. Here are some advice on how to maintain you clothing and respect the planet and you wallet.

Cold wash your clothes, you will !

High temperatures are harmful for your clothing. On the contrary wash at low temperature is the best way to make them last longer. They’ll keep their form and their colour longer. Moreover it will come out of the washing machine less creased. Next to 80% of the electricity consumed by a washing machine is used to heat the water. Washing your clothes at 30°C instead of 60°C, you save more than 60%electricity. It’s good for your bank account and our planet.

A full machine, you will launch.

A common mistake is to launch an half empty machine. We advise you to wait to have enough clothing to launch a full one. Watch out for the reverse pitfall : do not overfill your washing machine, clothes will be creased.

Your speed, you will limit.

By limiting the spin speed to 800 rpm, your laundry will come out less wrinkled and you’ll save some energy.

The dryer you will avoid.

The electric clothes dryer can irreparably damage the fibers of your clothes, by deforming them for example. In addition, it consumes a lot of energy. So we advise you to let your clothes dry in the open air. Put your shirts directly on hangers so that they are the least wrinkled


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