The lookbook


This summer, FAGUO is 10 years old. 10 years of adventures. 10 years of memories. 10 years of trips.
To celebrate this anniversary, one friendly bet: hit the French roads on a bicycle. From north to south. Discover. Enjoy. Experience. An escapade out of time. Let’s go for The Getaway.

ON THE ROAD. The sun rises and marks the beginning. We hit the road. Under the first rays of sunshine, we ride down the highway. At full speed, our wheels slide on the asphalt. The cities pass before our eyes.

BREAK ON GUINGUETTE. On a little place, we can see in the distance a jumble of generations playing the French pétanque. They’re bickering. One wish: envoy this summer agitation. We take a break. Music sounds the buzz of a restless night.

FREEDOM AND ARRIVAL. Temperatures are rising. The parade of landscapes forms an explosion of colors. The wind softens our escape. The arrival is near. We are bracing ourselves for the big blue. It’s time for friends and adventures.

It’s The Getaway.
Ready for another 10 years?