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Dive into urbanity with the ALDER model from FAGUO, low leather trainers perfect for a casual everyday look!

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ALDER Sneakers: Responsible Elegance

The ALDER sneakers embody the perfect blend of contemporary style and environmental responsibility, catering to both men and women who are mindful of the environmental impact of their fashion choices.

Responsible Manufacturing in Portugal

Crafted with care in a workshop near Porto, Portugal, the ALDER sneakers stand out for their commitment to responsible production. Deliberately opting for sustainable practices, we prioritize the use of recycled materials throughout the manufacturing process.

Innovative Recycled Rubber Sole and Tennis Balls

FAGUO's innovative urban sneaker fully embodies the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility. Its sole, a true environmental feat, is made from recycled synthetic rubber, significantly reducing carbon footprint and avoiding unnecessary waste. What sets this white sneaker apart is the clever integration of 10% recycled tennis balls, collected locally near Porto. Transformed into a durable and comfortable material, these balls add a touch of originality while underscoring the brand's eco-friendly commitment, creating a sneaker that seamlessly combines style and environmental consciousness.

Every step with these ALDER sneakers represents a choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.

Elegant Design, Suitable for All Styles

Beyond their environmental commitment, the white sneakers captivate with their modern and sleek design. This versatile aesthetic perfectly adapts to various looks, whether for a casual or more dressed-up outfit. Its minimalist style and neutral colors add a timeless touch to this sneaker, harmonizing perfectly with all outfits. The subtly affixed F logo adds a sporty touch, asserting the unique character of the ALDER.

The women's sneakers pair equally well with pants or a dress, offering exceptional versatility, while the men's model effortlessly complements chinos or casual jeans.

Easy to wear every day and simple to match, these lace-up sneakers will elevate your look with natural elegance, all while reflecting your ecological values.

A Universal Choice for Committed Men and Women

The ALDER sneakers embody the ideal alternative for men and women seeking to merge fashion and environmental responsibility. Available in a diverse range of colors and sizes, they provide an option for every style and foot. Choosing ALDER is taking a concrete step towards an environmentally conscious mode of consumption.

Order your FAGUO sneakers today and join our movement towards a future where fashion aligns with sustainability, making a meaningful contribution to the preservation of our planet!