Sponsorship program.
         15€ for you, 15€ for your godson! 

Introduce FAGUO to your loved ones and benefit from a reward of €15 for each referral recruited! Your godchild will also receive a €15 voucher valid for any first order on our site.

How does it work ? 

1- Complete the sponsorship form on our french website:

Enter your contact details and those of the loved one(s) you wish to sponsor.

2- Your godchild places an order:

Your godchild receives by email a €15 voucher valid on our website for 3 months, from €80.

3- You receive your reward:

As soon as your referral places their first order, you in turn benefit from a €15 voucher valid on your next online order, from €80! If you sponsor several people, the codes cannot be combined.

Become a Fair Fashion ambassador !

By sharing this offer, you encourage fashion that fights against climate change:

- A tree planted in France for each piece made.
- 80% of parts designed from recycled materials
- Social and energy audits of our workshops.