A place to live the FAGUO experience 

Looking for a break from the city to recharge your batteries in the heart of the forest?

On the edge of a forest, FAGUO takes over La Maison Villeneuve and opens the doors to a place of disconnection: the FAGUO Forest House. Come and discover this exceptional architectural setting, where the only TV is a 9-metre window opening onto nature.


Contribute to the forest by planting your own FAGUO tree.

Take the time to read our selection of forest books, and play woodcuts by Bryan Nash Gill.

Listen to the forest during lunch or a moment of introspection.

Bathe in the forest by bike or on foot.

Relax in a Norwegian bath in the heart of nature.

A haven of peace in the heart of nature

This collaboration is the meeting of two shared visions. On the one hand, that of FAGUO, which dresses those whose lifestyle is a hybrid between city and forest, where every parenthesis is oxygenating.

On the other, that of La Maison Villeneuve, a project led by Juliette and Richard, who after years in the city, decided to invest in a natural setting sublimated by sober, refined architectural features.

La Maison Villeneuve illustrates the ephemeral pause that we at FAGUO are so much in search of. It's a timeless interlude that rewards those who spend the evening there with the most beautiful thing of all: the power of nature.

They slept in the FAGUO FOREST HOUSE