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Discover our men's polo shirts made from recycled materials, helping to minimize their environmental impact. Opt for sustainable style!

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Eco-friendly Men's Polos by FAGUO

Among our collection of men's polos by FAGUO, you'll find two models that perfectly combine style and comfort for all occasions, tastes, and sizes. Whether you prefer a classic look or like to stand out with bold colors, you can choose from a wide range of available colors to create a look that's uniquely you.

At FAGUO, we believe that fashion can be a positive force for the planet. That's why we're committed to offering eco-friendly men's polos, made with environmentally-friendly materials like recycled cotton and reducing our carbon footprint. By choosing a men's polo by FAGUO, you're not only making a stylish choice, but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

The ZONZA Polo: Authentic and Stylish in Terry Terry Cloth

The ZONZA polo by FAGUO is the perfect choice for men who want a comfortable and authentic polo. Made with a retro-style terry cloth fabric, this men's polo in cotton and recycled cotton offers a soft and lightweight feel that's ideal for sunny days.

The straight cut and short sleeves of the ZONZA polo are perfectly suited for a casual look without sacrificing style. The unbuttoned collar of this men's polo adds a sporty and casual touch to your look while still remaining elegant. This model is available in several colors, ranging from sober and classic tones to more vivid and original shades. You can choose the solid-color men's polo that best suits your style and preferences.

By choosing the ZONZA men's polo, you're also making a choice for the planet. With its embroidered tree logo, you'll be displaying your commitment to the environment every time you wear it. And that's not all: for every ZONZA polo purchased, a tree is planted. This is a simple and effective way to contribute to the preservation of our environment while still staying stylish.

The ZONZA men's polo by FAGUO is an authentic and eco-friendly model that you can easily pair with other FAGUO products like pants or shorts. Don't wait any longer and add it to your wardrobe now for €75!

The LUMIGNY Polo: A Cotton and Recycled Cotton Essential

The LUMIGNY men's polo by FAGUO is a must-have for the summer season. Made with a lightweight and durable piqué fabric, this model in cotton and recycled cotton is a true testament to quality and comfort.

The ribbed finish at the bottom of the short sleeves adds a subtle touch of elegance to this men's polo. Its buttoned collar adds a distinguished touch of refinement, making it a versatile choice for all types of occasions. Additionally, its straight cut, which is slightly loose, adapts to all body types, making this polo model a smart choice for all your daily outfits.

The felt tree logo, on the other hand, adds an authentic touch to this polo. It's more than just a logo: it's a symbol of our commitment to the environment. In fact, for every LUMIGNY polo purchased, a tree is planted. This is a simple and effective way to reconcile style and ecology.

Available in several colors and for €70, the solid-color LUMIGNY men's polo will perfectly match all your summer looks. Don't wait any longer to add it to your favorites and display your commitment to the planet with style and comfort.

A Collection of Men's Polos for All Tastes and Occasions

At FAGUO, we strive to offer a varied and trendy collection of men's polos so that everyone can find the model that suits them. Our men's polos come in different colors and materials to adapt to all desires and styles.

The ZONZA polo with its retro-style terry cloth fabric and unbuttoned collar is ideal for a casual and authentic look. It pairs perfectly with jeans or canvas shorts for a comfortable and stylish outfit.

The LUMIGNY polo, on the other hand, is perfect for adding a touch of freshness and naturalness to your wardrobe. With its lightweight and durable piqué fabric, ribbed finish at the bottom of the sleeves, and buttoned collar, it's elegant while still being casual. This polo can be easily worn with chinos or linen pants for a refined and summery outfit.

To complete your look, don't hesitate to check out our other categories of items. Our FAGUO shoes, belts, and caps are perfectly matched with our men's cotton polos for a harmonious and fully eco-responsible style.

At FAGUO, you'll find a range of men's cotton polos for all tastes and occasions. Don't wait any longer and come discover our trendy and eco-responsible models.

Add a FAGUO Men's Polo to Your Wardrobe

By choosing a FAGUO men's polo, you're doing more than just adding a stylish piece to your wardrobe. You're also committing to our side for the preservation of the environment. For every cotton polo purchased, a tree is planted, which contributes to the fight against global warming and the protection of biodiversity.

We're proud to offer a high-quality collection of men's polos, made with eco-friendly materials and designed to last over time. By choosing FAGUO, you're choosing a more planet-friendly and resource-conscious fashion.

We invite you to discover our various models, colors and sizes of men's polo shirts still available, and find the one that matches your style and values. Whether you prefer the retro terry cloth fabric of the ZONZA polo or the ribbed finish of the LUMIGNY polo, you're bound to find a men's polo to suit you.

So don't wait any longer, and add a plain FAGUO men's polo to your wardrobe today!