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Adopt FAGUO's vegan trainers. Uncompromising shoes that respect animals and the planet, for a conscious and trendy approach!

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Vegan Shoes by FAGUO: Choose Responsible Style

Explore Our Collection of Vegan Shoes

Discover our collection of vegan shoes for men and women, carefully crafted using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Opt for comfort, aesthetics, and ethics by exploring our unique models.

Why Choose Vegan Shoes at FAGUO?

At FAGUO, we understand the importance of making ethical choices without compromising style. Our vegan shoes embody this philosophy by offering:

  • Durable Materials: Recycled polyester uppers and eco-friendly PU inserts.
  • Unparalleled Comfort: Soft insoles, designs tailored to fit your daily life.
  • Environmental Commitment: Vegan certified, recycled packaging, each pair contributes to planet preservation.

Vegan Certification by PETA: A Guarantee of Responsibility

The pride of our vegan shoes at FAGUO lies in our commitment to ethical and animal-friendly fashion. All our vegan shoes are certified by PETA, the international animal rights organization. This certification ensures that our shoes are entirely free from animal-derived materials, guaranteeing that each pair meets the strict standards of the vegan lifestyle.

Opting for our PETA-certified shoes means choosing responsible consumption, respecting animals and the environment. You can proudly wear trendy, comfortable, and elegant shoes while contributing to the preservation of animal life. At FAGUO, we believe that fashion can be synonymous with compassion, and our PETA certification is tangible proof of that.

Our Vegan Shoe Models

Because you deserve the best, discover our best-sellers that combine contemporary fashion with ecological awareness:

Vegan FOREST 1 Sneakers

Discover our FOREST 1 sneakers, a carefully crafted running lifestyle model assembled in France. This pair embodies our commitment to sustainability, combining dynamic style and environmentally friendly practices.

Eco-Friendly Design

The upper of the FOREST 1 is made from recycled polyester, highlighting our eco-responsible approach. Multiple PU and recycled PU inserts not only add a modern aesthetic but also demonstrate our commitment to waste reduction.

Elegant and Vegan Laces

The cotton and lurex laces add an elegant touch while respecting our vegan commitment. Certified by PETA, the FOREST 1 guarantees that each pair is entirely free from animal-derived materials.

Comfortable Sole

The EVA sole of the FOREST 1 offers exceptional comfort, perfect for daily use. The colored interlayer adds a unique touch, emphasizing the distinctive character of this model.

Ecological Commitment

Certified vegan by PETA and packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging, the FOREST 1 symbolizes our commitment to responsible fashion. Moreover, each purchase contributes to planting a tree, participating in the preservation of our environment.

Vegan HEARTWOOD Running Shoes

The HEARTWOOD with its one-piece knit tencel upper embodies our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Designed to accompany every step lightly and comfortably, this pair of sneakers is for those who seek both style and environmental responsibility.

Innovative Material

The tencel upper, a fiber derived from wood pulp, minimizes the carbon footprint while offering a modern aesthetic. This innovation underscores our commitment to environmentally friendly materials.

Dynamic Details

The contrasting details of the HEARTWOOD add a touch of dynamism to the design. Colored cords on the sides and a cork insert at the back create a unique foot that stands out with style.

Comfort and Lightness

Ultra-light and comfortable, the HEARTWOOD is perfect for accompanying you in your daily activities. Its molded phylon and 15% recycled rubber outsole offer exceptional comfort with every step.

Vegan and Eco-Responsible

Certified vegan by PETA, the HEARTWOOD uses polyester laces and a cork insole. Its recycled and recyclable packaging underscores our overall commitment to ethical fashion. Plus, each purchase contributes to planting a tree, contributing to the preservation of our planet.


The WALNUT PLATFORM, a bold evolution of the WALNUT model inspired by the skate world, is designed for those who seek a unique style that blends modernity, vintage, and a feminine touch. With its 4 cm wedge sole, it becomes a centerpiece for putting together trendy and casual looks.

Eco-Responsible Materials

The recycled polyester upper and PU inserts of the WALNUT PLATFORM emphasize our commitment to environmentally friendly materials, offering an ethical choice for fashion enthusiasts.

Modern and Vintage Style

The combination of its modern design and vintage aesthetics inspired by skate culture makes the WALNUT PLATFORM a one-of-a-kind shoe. It is ideal for those who like to make a statement with their unique style.

Feminine Elegance

The 4 cm wedge sole adds a feminine touch to this model, offering those who wear it an elegant and casual look. The WALNUT PLATFORM is the perfect choice for those who want to stand out with a confident style.

Vegan and Committed

Certified vegan by PETA, this pair of sneakers uses cotton laces and comes in recycled and recyclable packaging. Each purchase also contributes to planting a tree, participating in the preservation of our environment.

Commit to Responsible Fashion

By choosing our vegan shoes, you are doing more than adopting a trendy style. You are committing to responsible fashion, contributing to the preservation of our planet. At FAGUO, every step counts.