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Discover Carbon Capture!

The 1st sneaker made from recycled CO2.

New look for spring

"At FAGUO, we design our collections with an ever lower CO₂ footprint to allow our generation to live in a hybrid way, by bike, between city and forest."

Our stores

Our stores

Come see us in our sores in France or in a reseller everywhere!
Our forests

Our forests

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Create a wardrobe to live fully between cities and forests

On our website you'll find a selection of clothing, trainers, luggage and accessories. These products are eco-responsible: 80% of our products are made from recycled materials to reduce their carbon footprint!
At FAGUO, we don't compromise between artistic direction and our mission. We are committed to offering you quality products that respect our beautiful planet. Every garment, every trainer, every accessory is carefully designed using recycled materials. So you can be sure that your style is in line with your eco-friendly values.

But FAGUO doesn't stop there. We're proud to be one of only 3,000 companies in the world to be BCorp certified. This means that we place as much importance on our social and environmental impact as we do on our economic success. By choosing FAGUO, you are supporting a committed company that is working hard to build a better world.

And what about our products? We've been working hard for almost 10 years to perfect them! Our clothes are at the cutting edge of fashion, with modern cuts and unique designs. Whether you're looking for a casual outfit or something more sophisticated, we've got something for you. What about our trainers? They're both comfortable and stylish, perfect for complementing any outfit. What's more, our backpacks and accessories (hats, socks or belts) are perfect for adding a touch of style to your everyday life.

Do your bit for the planet and your look by choosing FAGUO. Explore our site now and discover our incredible selection of eco-friendly clothing, trainers, luggage and accessories. With FAGUO, you can be sure to make a difference, without ever compromising your style.