Our limits

Our mission to engage our generation against climate change requires making sustainable choices.

Certified B Corp™, FAGUO is on the right track : not to be the best in the world but better for the world. Displaying our limits is the first essential step for innovation to be our focal point.

Recycled Materials

Our waste is worth its weight in gold.

80% of FAGUO items are currently composed partially or entirely of recycled materials - from 10% to 100% of their material - with quality identical to that of a non-recycled item. Our greatest challenge is to increase the percentage of recycled materials to reduce the carbon footprint of our items while ensuring their durability, optimal sourcing, and production in each manufacturing country.

Synthetic vs Natural

Being a fashion brand means being constantly torn by the choice of material. Should one prioritize its properties (breathability, warmth), its aesthetics, or its durability? Is using leather more respectful than using recycled polyester? Is it more resistant? The synthetic materials in FAGUO's wardrobe are 90% recycled. Our areas of improvement: prioritize natural and recycled materials in textiles, choose low CO2 options for sneakers with alternatives (recycled leathers).


Distributing FAGUO with 100% green energy and encouraging our retailers to switch to suppliers like ENERCOOP, we have been doing it for a long time.

FAGUO is working on selecting production areas to move towards less carbon-intensive energy mixes. In 2023, we revolutionized our supply chains for several references in favor of local imports (+40% compared to 2022).

Some form of dependence exists, such as for our sneakers manufactured in Vietnam, where we source natural and recycled rubber locally for the production of their soles. To support our suppliers, energy audits are implemented in all our workshops in Asia (Vietnam, China) and Europe (Morocco, Portugal, France, Tunisia). Precise action plans will reinvent energy use for the manufacturing stage.

Finishing Process

The pigments used to dye leather, rubber, and cotton are not natural. Even though FAGUO uses vegetable dyes on some pieces or regenerated fibers on others, our areas of improvement include expanding and attempting to generalize these healthier practices.


Give a second life to all materials. FAGUO's first steps are taken: collecting from recycling bins to systematize the process, working with a provider skilled in the complex recycling of sneakers.

Our areas of improvement: continue to expand our "Designed to Recycle" approach. In other words, increase the recyclability of our items without affecting their durability: for example, allowing the removal of metal accessories from our DENIM.

The future? Absorbable thread, reduction of materials.

Urban Greening

More than 3 million FAGUO trees are planted in France. 2 FAGUO trees stand as symbols in the heart of the city: on the pathway leading to the Louvre Museum in Paris and in the orchard of the Congress Centre in Nantes.

Greening cities is for us a philosophy of life, a significant challenge for the years to come. To achieve this, we will need to reshape private/public relationships. Our research continues.

Another goal: bring trees back to the heart of fields through agroforestry. FAGUO has already supported its first projects. It's up to us to make it accessible to everyone.


How can a sales advisor help limit "overconsumption" in favor of "conscious consumption"? Why does FAGUO exist when there are already so many brands?

The utopian solution would be to live naked. Our solution is to learn to dress less and better.

Less, by creating a hybrid FAGUO wardrobe that allows you to do everything without changing your outfit: work in the city, bike around, escape into the forest.

Better, by renewing, when needed, your worn pieces with FAGUO items that emit the least possible CO2: made from recycled materials, second-hand, or repaired.

Changing our approach also means limiting the temptations of buying and replacing.

40% of our pieces are carried over from season to season to redefine the concept of "always being in fashion."

Since 2019, FAGUO has also created Make Friday Green Again, the leading collective offering an alternative to Black Friday and bringing together more than 1,000 brands.