Discover FAGUO's Men's City Shoe

Our men's city shoe model, the HAWTHORN, draws inspiration from vintage mountaineering footwear. It embodies the essence of retro style fused with timeless elegance, providing men with a distinctive option for their urban adventures or mountain escapades.

A Refined Pair of Shoes: Details of the HAWTHORN

The suede upper, delicate to the touch, in no way compromises the robustness of the HAWTHORN. Leather accents add sophistication and durability, underscoring FAGUO's commitment to quality and style.

Authentic Alpine Codes: Cotton Laces and Mountain Eyelets

Cotton laces, borrowed from yesteryear's mountaineering footwear, enhance the aesthetic of the HAWTHORN while ensuring a perfect fit. Mountain eyelets energize the upper, while the embossed logo attests to the authenticity of this meticulously crafted men's shoe.

Eco-Responsible Commitment: Packaging and Tree Planting

The HAWTHORN shoe aligns with FAGUO's eco-responsible vision. The packaging, entirely recycled and recyclable, reflects the brand's commitment to reducing its environmental impact. Each pair of city shoes purchased also contributes to tree planting, imbuing this shoe with a profound sense of environmental responsibility.

A Stylish Palette: HAWTHORN in Camel and Dark Brown

FAGUO offers the HAWTHORN in two colors, camel and dark brown, providing men with a range of choices to express their personal style. Whether for a laid-back city look or a more daring mountain adventure, this men's shoe embodies the perfect blend of retro mountaineering style and contemporary environmental awareness. Explore a shoe that combines elegance and commitment, inviting you to a stylish and responsible exploration.